The life cycle of a host

Host inventory

Common host tasks

Common host tasks using Horizon

Common host tasks using the CLI

Configuring CPU core behaviour

Host memory provisioning

Node interfaces

Provision interfaces

Create interfaces

Delete interfaces

Configure Ethernet interfaces

Aggregated Ethernet interfaces

Configure VLAN interfaces

PCI-SRIOV interface support

Interface IP address provisioning

NIC replacement


Host hardware sensors

Configure node labels

Change a worker host performance profile

Resize filesystems on a host

Customize host life cycles

Node inventory tasks

Hardware acceleration devices

Intel N3000 FPGA support

Common device management tasks

vRAN Accelerator ACC100 Adapter (Mount Bryce)

N3000 and ACC100 replacement

Host hardware management

Run the node feature discovery helm chart

Provision BMC

Provision BMC using Horizon

Provision BMC using the CLI