Change Hardware Components for a Worker HostΒΆ

You can replace worker hosts or their hardware components, adjust worker host resources, or remove a worker host from the pool of available resources.


On StarlingX Simplex or Duplex systems, worker storage is provided using resources on the combined host.

Depending on the type of operation, you may need to delete the host from the Host Inventory. For more information, see Configuration Changes Requiring Re-installation. If you are performing an operation that requires the host to be deleted and re-added, record the current partitioning and nova-local volume group assignments for the secondary disks so that you can reproduce them later.

If the host is active, you must migrate any instances on it by locking the host.


Any dynamic pods on a worker node, including an AIO-SX or AIO-DX host, will be evicted when the host is locked.



Before locking a host, ensure that sufficient resources are available on other hosts to migrate any running instances.


  1. Lock the host to make changes.

    1. On the Admin menu of the Horizon Web interface, in the System section, select Inventory.

    2. Select the Hosts tab.

    3. In the Actions column, open the drop-down list for the host, and then select Lock Host.

    4. Wait for the host to be reported as Locked.

  2. Power down the host manually and make any required hardware changes.

    StarlingX does not provide controls for powering down a host. Use the BMC or other control unit.

  3. For an operation that affects the Host Inventory record, delete the host from the inventory.

    The Host Inventory contains database information associated with an existing host, such as the MAC address of the management interface NIC, or the presence of StarlingX software on the primary disk. To update this information, you must delete the host and then re-add it to the system.


    Ensure that the host is Online, so that its disk is erased when it is deleted from the inventory. This ensures that the host boots from the network when it is powered up again. If the host is not online when it is deleted from the inventory, then you may need to force a network boot when it is powered up.

  4. Reinstall the host.

  5. Power up the host.

    If the host has been deleted from the Host Inventory, the host software is reinstalled.

    Wait for the host to be reported as Locked, Disabled, and Online.

  6. Unlock the host to make it available for use.

    On the Hosts tab of the Host Inventory page, open the drop-down list for the host, and then select Unlock Host.

    The host is rebooted, and its Availability State is reported as In-Test. After a few minutes, it is reported as Unlocked, Enabled, and Available.