Welcome to the StarlingX Documentation

The latest release of StarlingX is StarlingX R2.0. Additional information about this release is available in the Release Notes.

For more information about the StarlingX project, refer to the Project Specifications.


The documentation is organized into the following sections:


StarlingX contains multiple sub-projects that include additional edge cloud support services and clients. API documentation and release notes for each project are found on the specific project page:

Supporting projects and repositories:


StarlingX utilizes tooling and CI/CD environments from the OpenStack Foundation. The source is hosted on OpenDev’s Git server.

Additional information regarding contributing to the project can be found in the StarlingX contributor guides.


StarlingX is a top-level OpenStack Foundation pilot project that is governed by two separate bodies: The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors and the StarlingX Technical Steering Committee.

See StarlingX Governance for additional information about StarlingX project governance.