Deployment Configurations Overview

StarlingX OpenStack supports a variety of physical deployment options.

It can scale very small with its AIO server solutions combining controller, compute, and storage functions all on a single low-power / low-cost server. StarlingX OpenStack can be deployed in both a single server AIO-Simplex solution as well as an HA two server AIO-Duplex solution. The standard solution consists of a two node HA Controller cluster, up to 9x node HA Storage Cluster and a pool of up to 100 compute nodes. Finally, StarlingX OpenStack supports a geographically-distributed multi-cloud solution for addressing cloud requirements from the data center to the edge, with value-add cross-cloud orchestration capabilities. In StarlingX’s Distributed Cloud deployment configuration, StarlingX OpenStack is only supported on subclouds; there is no cross-subcloud orchestration provided for StarlingX OpenStack on subclouds.