dcmanager is the command-line interface for the Distributed Cloud Manager APIs. dcmanager is applicable only in the SystemController region of the central cloud in a distributed cloud configuration.

This page documents the dcmanager command in StarlingX R3.0.

dcmanager usage

dcmanager [--version] [-v] [--log-file LOG_FILE] [-q] [-h] [--debug]
              [--dcmanager-url DCMANAGER_URL]
              [--dcmanager-api-version DCMANAGER_VERSION]
              [--dcmanager-service-type SERVICE_TYPE]
              [--os-endpoint-type ENDPOINT_TYPE] [--os-username USERNAME]
              [--os-password PASSWORD] [--os-tenant-id TENANT_ID]
              [--os-project-id PROJECT_ID] [--os-tenant-name TENANT_NAME]
              [--os-project-name PROJECT_NAME] [--os-auth-token TOKEN]
              [--os-project-domain-name PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME]
              [--os-project-domain-id PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID]
              [--os-user-domain-name USER_DOMAIN_NAME]
              [--os-user-domain-id USER_DOMAIN_ID] [--os-auth-url AUTH_URL]
              [--os-cacert CACERT] [--insecure] [--profile HMAC_KEY]
              <subcommand> ...

For a list of all dcmanager subcommands and options, enter:

dcmanager help


For a full description of usage and optional arguments for a specific dcmanager command, enter:

dcmanager help COMMAND

Distributed cloud centralized alarms

Displays the aggregated counts of critical, major, minor, and warning alarms across all subclouds.

alarm summary

List alarm summaries of subclouds.

Distributed cloud subcloud installation

This set of commands provides subcloud management, including basic add, delete, list, show, and update operations on a subcloud.

subcloud add

Add a new subcloud.

Note that this command will create the subcloud in the central cloud’s database, run the Ansible bootstrap playbook on the new subcloud, and optionally run a deployment playbook.

subcloud delete

Delete subcloud details from the database.

subcloud-deploy upload

Upload the optional deployment playbook, helm chart, and overrides to be used with subcloud add.

subcloud list

List subclouds.

subcloud manage

Manage a subcloud. Enables the active synchronization of data between the central cloud and the subcloud.

subcloud reconfig

Re-run the deployment playbook on a subcloud using an updated configuration file.

subcloud show

Show the details of a subcloud.

subcloud unmanage

Unmanage a subcloud. Disables the active synchronization of data between the central cloud and the subcloud.

subcloud update

Update attributes of a subcloud.

Distributed cloud patching/updating


The following commands are not supported upstream.

The patch-strategy commands create, apply, and monitor the orchestration of software patch application (or updates) across all subclouds and all hosts of subclouds. patch-strategy commands orchestrate software updates across an entire distributed cloud solution.

patch-strategy abort

Abort a patch strategy.

patch-strategy apply

Apply a patch strategy.

patch-strategy create

Create a patch strategy.

patch-strategy delete

Delete patch strategy from the database.

patch-strategy show

Show the details of a patch strategy for a subcloud.

patch-strategy-config delete

Delete per subcloud patch options.

patch-strategy-config list

List patch options.

patch-strategy-config show

Show patch options, defaults or per subcloud.

patch-strategy-config update

Update patch options, defaults or per subcloud.

strategy-step list

List strategy steps.

strategy-step show

Show the details of a strategy step.