Suppress an Alarm Using the CLI

You can use the CLI to prevent a monitored system parameter from generating unnecessary alarms.


  1. Use the fm event-suppress to suppress a single alarm or multiple alarms by ID.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ fm event-suppress [--nowrap] --alarm id <alarm_ id>[,<alarm-id>] \
    [--nopaging] [--uuid]



    is a comma separated list of alarm UUIDs.


    disables output wrapping


    disables paged output


    includes the alarm type UUIDs in the output

    An error message is generated in the case of an invalid <alarm-id>: Alarm ID not found: <alarm-id>.

    If the specified number of Alarm IDs is greater than 1, and at least 1 is wrong, then the suppress command is not applied (none of the specified Alarm IDs are suppressed).


    Suppressing an Alarm will result in the system NOT notifying the operator of this particular fault.