View Suppressed Alarms Using the CLI

Alarms may be suppressed. List them to determine if any need to be unsuppressed or otherwise managed.


  • Use the fm event-suppress-list CLI command to view a list of all currently suppressed alarms.

    This command shows all alarm IDs along with their suppression status.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ fm event-suppress-list [--nopaging] [--uuid] [--include-unsuppressed]



    disables paged output, see CLI Commands and Paged Output


    includes the alarm type UUIDs in the output


    includes unsuppressed alarm types in the output. By default only suppressed alarm types are shown.

    For example:

    [sysadmin@controller-0 ~(keystone_admin)] fm event-suppress-list
    | Event ID | Status      |
    | 100.101  | suppressed  |
    | 100.103  | suppressed  |
    | 100.105  | suppressed  |
    | ...      | ...         |