Unsuppress an Alarm Using the CLIΒΆ

If you need to reactivate a suppressed alarm, you can do so using the CLI.


  • Use the fm event-unsuppress CLI command to unsuppress a currently suppressed alarm.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ fm event-unsuppress [--nowrap] --alarm_id <alarm-id>[,<alarm-id>] \
    [--nopaging] [--uuid]



    is a comma separated Alarm ID list of alarms to unsuppress.


    disables output wrapping.


    disables paged output


    includes the alarm type UUIDs in the output.

    Alarm type(s) with the specified <alarm-id(s)> will be unsuppressed.

    You can unsuppress all currently suppressed alarms using the following command:

    ~(keystone_admin)$ fm event-unsuppress -all [--nopaging] [--uuid]