Reinstall a System Using an Exported Host Configuration FileΒΆ

You can reinstall a system using the host configuration file that is generated using the host-bulk-export command.


For the following procedure, controller-0 must be the active controller.


  1. Create a host configuration file using the system host-bulk-export command, as described in Exporting Host Configurations.

  2. Copy the host configuration file to a USB drive or somewhere off the controller hard disk.

  3. Edit the host configuration file as needed, for example to specify power-on or BMC information.

  4. Delete all the hosts except controller-0 from the inventory.

  5. Reinstall the StarlingX software on controller-0, which must be the active controller.

  6. Run Ansible Bootstrap playbook.

  7. Follow the instructions for using the system host-bulk-add command, as detailed in Adding Hosts in Bulk.


After adding the host, you must provision it according to the requirements of the personality.