Reinstall a System or a HostΒΆ

You can reinstall individual hosts or the entire system if necessary. Reinstalling host software or deleting and re-adding a host node may be required to complete certain configuration changes.

About this task

For a summary of changes that require system or host reinstallation, see StarlingX Node Configuration and Management: Configuration Changes Requiring Re-installation.

To reinstall an entire system, refer to the Installation Guide for your system type (for example, Standard or All-in-one).


To simplify system reinstallation, you can export and reuse an existing system configuration. For more information, see Reinstalling a System Using an Exported Host Configuration File.

To reinstall the software on a host using the Host Inventory controls, see StarlingX Node Configuration and Management: Host Inventory. In some cases, you must delete the host instead, and then re-add it using the standard host installation procedure. This applies if the system inventory record must be corrected to complete the configuration change (for example, if the MAC address of the management interface has changed).