Export Host ConfigurationsΒΆ

You can generate a host configuration file from an existing system for re-installation, upgrade, or maintenance purposes.

About this task

You can generate a host configuration file using the system host-bulk-export command, and then use this file with the system host-bulk-add command to re-create the system. If required, you can modify the file before using it.

The configuration settings (management MAC address, BM IP address, and so on) for all nodes except controller-0 are written to the file.


To ensure that the hosts are not powered on unexpectedly, the power-on element for each host is commented out by default.


To perform this procedure, you must be logged in as the admin user.


  • Run the system host-bulk-export command to create the host configuration file.

    system host-bulk-export [--filename <FILENAME]>
    • where <FILENAME> is the path and name of the output file. If the --filename option is not present, the default path ./hosts.xml is used.


To use the host configuration file, see Reinstall a System Using an Exported Host Configuration File.

For details on the structure and elements of the file, see Bulk Host XML File Format.