Update Orchestration CLIΒΆ

The update orchestration CLI is sw-manager. Use this to create your update strategy.

The commands and options map directly to the parameter descriptions in the web interface dialog, described in Configuring Update Orchestration.


To use update orchestration commands, you need administrator privileges. You must log in to the active controller as user sysadmin and source the /etc/platform/openrc script to obtain administrator privileges. Do not use sudo.


Management-affecting alarms cannot be ignored at the indicated severity level or higher by using relaxed alarm rules during an orchestrated update operation. For a list of management-affecting alarms, see StarlingX Fault Management: Alarm Messages. To display management-affecting active alarms, use the following command:

~(keystone_admin)$ fm alarm-list --mgmt_affecting

During an orchestrated update operation, the following alarms are ignored even when strict restrictions are selected:

  • 200.001, Maintenance host lock alarm

  • 900.001, Patch in progress

  • 900.005, Upgrade in progress

  • 900.101, Software patch auto apply in progress

Help is available for the overall command and also for each sub-command. For example:

~(keystone_admin)]$  sw-manager patch-strategy --help
usage: sw-manager patch-strategy [-h]  ...

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

Update orchestration commands include:

  • create - Create a strategy

  • delete - Delete a strategy

  • apply - Apply a strategy

  • abort - Abort a strategy

  • show - Show a strategy