Firmware update orchestration allows the firmware on the hosts of an entire StarlingX system to be updated with a single operation.

You can configure and run firmware update orchestration using the CLI, or the stx-nfv VIM REST API.


Firmware update is currently not supported on the Horizon Web interface. Only host device FPGA firmware update is currently supported.

Firmware update orchestration requirements

Firmware update orchestration can only be done on a system that meets the following conditions:

  • The system is clear of alarms (with the exception of alarms for locked hosts, stopped instances, and firmware updates in progress).


    When configuring firmware update orchestration, you have the option to ignore alarms that are not of management-affecting severity. For more information, see Kubernetes Version Upgrade Cloud Orchestration.

  • There are unlocked-enabled worker function hosts in the system that requires firmware update. The Firmware Update Orchestration Strategy creation step will fail if there are no qualified hosts detected.

  • Firmware update is a reboot-required operation. Therefore, in systems that have the stx-openstack application applied with running instances, if the migrate option is selected there must be spare openstack-compute (worker) capacity to move instances off the openstack-compute (worker) host(s) being updated.


    Administrative controller Swacts should be avoided during firmware update orchestration.

For more information, refer to the following: