Replace Nova-local Storage Disk on a Simplex SystemΒΆ

On a StarlingX Simplex system, a special procedure is recommended for replacing or upgrading the nova-local storage device, to allow for the fact that VMs cannot be migrated.

About this task

For this procedure, you must use the CLI.


The volume group will be rebuilt as part of the disk replacement procedure. You can select a replacement disk of any size provided that the ephemeral storage requirements for all VMs are met.


  1. Delete all VMs.

  2. Lock the controller.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-lock controller-0
  3. Delete the nova-local volume group.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-lvg-delete controller-0 nova-local
  4. Shut down the controller.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ sudo shutdown -h now
  5. Replace the physical device.

    1. Power down the physical device.

    2. Replace the drive with an equivalent or larger drive.

    3. Power up the device.

      Wait for the node to boot to the command prompt.

  6. Source the environment.

  7. Unlock the node.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-unlock controller-0
  8. Relaunch the deleted VMs.