Remove VaultΒΆ

You can remove Vault from your StarlingX, if required, by using the procedure described in this section.

About this task

Run the following commands to remove Vault. This will remove pods and other resources created by the application installation. For more information, see Install Vault.


  1. Remove pods and other resources using the following command:

    $ system application-remove vault
  2. Reinstall Vault, if required using the following command:

    $ system application-apply vault


    It is recommended to do a complete remove of all resources if you want to reinstall Vault.

    $ kubectl delete ns vault
  3. To completely remove Vault, including PVCs (PVCs are intended to persist after system application-remove vault in order to preserve Vault data), use the following command.

    $ kubectl delete ns vault
    $ system application-delete vault