Install VaultΒΆ

Vault is packaged as a system application and is managed using system application, and system helm-override commands.

About this task


Vault requires a storage backend with PVC enabled (for example, Ceph).

To install Vault, use the following procedure:


  1. Locate the Vault tarball in /usr/local/share/applications/helm.

    For example, /usr/local/share/applications/helm/vault-1.0-30.tgz.

  2. Upload Vault, using the following command:

    $ system application-upload ``/usr/local/share/applications/helm/vault-1.0-30.tgz``
  3. Verify the Vault tarball has been uploaded.

    $ system application-list
  4. Apply the Vault application.

    $ system application-apply vault
  5. Monitor the status.

    $ watch -n 5 system application-list


    $ watch kubectl get pods -n vault

    It takes a few minutes for all the pods to start and for Vault-manager to initialize the cluster.

    The default configuration for the installed Vault application is:


    Runs as a statefulset, replica count of 1


    Runs as a deployment, replica count of 1


    Runs as statefulset, replica count is 1 on systems with fewer than 3 nodes, replica count is 3 on systems with 3 or more nodes

For more information, see Configure Vault.