Customize the Update Configuration for Distributed Cloud Update Orchestration

You can adjust how the nodes in each system (Central Cloud’s RegionOne and/or Subclouds) are updated.

About this task

The update strategy for Distributed Cloud Update Orchestration uses separate configuration settings to control how the nodes on a given system are updated. You can adjust the settings used by default for Central Cloud’s RegionOne and all subclouds, and you can create custom settings for individual subclouds.

You can change the configuration settings before or after creating a update strategy for Distributed Cloud update orchestration. The settings are maintained independently.


  1. Select the SystemController region.

  2. Select Distributed Cloud Admin > Orchestration.

  3. On the Orchestration page, select the Cloud Patching Configuration tab.


    Take one of the following actions:

    • To edit the settings applicable to RegionOne and all subclouds by default, click Edit Configuration in the all clouds default row.


      To save your changes, click Edit Cloud Patching Configuration.

    • To create custom settings for an individual subcloud, click Create New Cloud Patching Configuration.


      In the Subcloud field, select the subcloud for the custom settings.

      To save your configuration changes, click Create Cloud Patching Configuration. The new configuration is added to the list.


    The following settings are available:


    This specifies the subcloud affected by the configuration. For the all clouds default configuration, this setting cannot be changed.

    Storage Apply Type

    Parallel or Serial — determines whether storage nodes are patched in parallel or serially

    Worker Apply Type

    Parallel or Serial — determines whether worker nodes are patched in parallel or serially

    Maximum Parallel Worker Hosts

    This sets the maximum number of worker nodes that can be patched in parallel.

    Default Instance Action


    This parameter is only applicable to hosted application VMs with the stx-openstack application.

    migrate or stop-start — determines whether hosted application VMs are migrated or stopped and restarted when a worker host is upgraded

    Alarm Restrictions

    Relaxed or Strict — determines whether the orchestration is aborted for alarms that are not management-affecting.


For information about creating and applying a patch strategy, see Update Management for Distributed Cloud.

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