Upload a Device ImageΒΆ


The device image must exist where the system command is executed, such as a remote CLI, before proceeding.


For BMC images on N3000 FPGA hardware, it is recommended that the admin user uses the md5sum of the device image file as the bitstream ID. This will ensure that different files get unique IDs, and the same file gets the same ID.


  • Upload the device image.

    • To upload a root-key device image:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system device-image-upload <imagefile> root-key <pci_vendor> <pci_device> --key-signature <key_signature> --name <imagename> --description <description> --image-version <version>
    • To upload a revocation key device image:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system device-image-upload <imagefile> key-revocation <pci_vendor> <pci_device> --revoke-key-id <revoke_key_id> --name <imagename> --description <description> --image-version <version>
    • To upload a functional device image:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system device-image-upload <imagefile> functional <pci_vendor> <pci_device> --functional <bitstream_id> --name <imagename> --description <description> --image-version <version>

    In the above device-image-upload commands, the following substitutions apply:


    The filepath of the binary device image file.


    The hexadecimal string identifying the PCI vendor ID of the device this image applies to.


    The hexadecimal string identifying the PCI device ID of the device this image applies to.


    A hexadecimal string identifying the root key device image.


    A decimal key ID for the key revocation device image.


    A hexadecimal string of the functional device image.


    The name of the device image (optional).


    Is the description of the device image (optional).


    The version of the device image (optional).