Node Management


You can perform StarlingX node management of worker hosts that comprise resource pools for hosting guest applications.

You can change the resource pool in several ways:

  • You can add or remove hosts to increase or decrease the size of the pool.

  • You can replace a host with another that has different resources; for example, memory, or number of CPU cores.

  • You can adjust the resources on an existing host.

  • You can replace a failed worker node host with an equivalent.

  • You can add or remove standard and low-latency worker hosts to adjust the mix of performance profiles on a system.


When replacing or adjusting a host, ensure that the overall resource pool still meets the requirements for your system.

Complete instructions for adding a worker node are provided in the StarlingX Installation and Deployment Guide.


You can add OpenStack compute nodes to an existing AIO Duplex system, and use labels to identify OpenStack Nodes.

Guidelines for VMs in a duplex system remain unchanged.

Add an OpenStack compute node