Update Management for Distributed Cloud

You can apply software updates (also known as ‘patches’) to the Central Cloud and subclouds from the System Controller.

A central update repository on the Central Cloud is introduced for Distributed Cloud. This is used to store all updates (patches) so that unmanaged subclouds can be synchronized with any required updates when they are brought into a managed state.

To ensure the integrity of the Distributed Cloud system, all updating must be done from the Central Cloud.


Any updates that were applied to the Central Cloud prior to running ansible bootstrap playbook, including updates incorporated in the installation ISO file and updates installed using sw-patch commands, must be uploaded to the System Controller. This ensures that the updates are in the central update repository and the subclouds can be updated with them.

You can use the Horizon Web interface or the command line interface to manage updates. The workflow for patching is as follows:

  1. Review the update status of the systems in the Distributed Cloud.

    See Reviewing Update Status for Distributed Cloud Using Horizon.

  2. Upload and apply any required updates to the System Controller. This adds them to a Central Update Repository, making them available to the SystemController and all subclouds.

    See Uploading and Applying Updates to SystemController Using Horizon.

  3. Update the Central Cloud’s RegionOne and all subclouds with the updates using update orchestration.

    See Update Orchestration of Central Cloud’s RegionOne and Subclouds.


    For Distributed Cloud, manual updating of individual subclouds is not recommended.