Error Handling During An Orchestrated UpgradeΒΆ

This section describes the errors you may encounter during an orchestrated upgrade and the steps you can use to troubleshoot the errors.


For a successful orchestrated upgrade, ensure the upgrade prerequisites, procedure, and postrequisites are met.


If a failure occurs, use the following general steps:

  1. Allow the failed strategy to complete on its own.

  2. Check the output using the dcmanager strategy-step list command for failures, if any.

  3. Address the cause of the failure. For more information, see Failure During the Installation or Data Migration of N+1 Load on a Subcloud.

  4. Retry the orchestrated upgrade. For more information, see Distributed Upgrade Orchestration Process Using the CLI.


Orchestrated upgrade can be retried for a group of failed subclouds that are still online using the upgrade-strategy create --group <group-id> command. Failed subclouds that are offline must be retried one at a time.