Install and Provision the Central Cloud¶

Installing the Central Cloud is similar to installing a standalone StarlingX system.

About this task

The Central Cloud supports either:

  • AIO-DX with 0 or more Worker Nodes deployment

  • Standard with dedicated internal Storage Nodes and 1 or more Worker Nodes

  • Standard with dedicated external Netapp Storage backend and 1 or more Worker Nodes

  • a Standard with Controller Storage

A Standard System Controller with Controller Storage is not supported.


Complete the StarlingX procedure for your deployment scenario with the modifications noted above and below.

You will also need to make the following modifications:

  • when creating the user configuration overrides for the Ansible bootstrap playbook in /home/sysadmin/localhost.yml

    • Add the parameters shown in bold below to your /home/sysadmin/localhost.yml Ansible bootstrap override file to indicate that this cloud will play the role of the Central Cloud / System Controller.

  • restrict the range of addresses for the management network (using management_start_address and management_end_address, as shown below) to exclude the IP addresses reserved for gateway routers that provide routing to the subclouds’ management subnets.

  • Also, include the container images shown in bold below in additional_local_registry_images, required for support of subcloud installs with the Redfish Platform Management Service, and subcloud installs using a Ceph storage backend.

system_mode: duplex
distributed_cloud_role: systemcontroller

management_start_address: <X.Y.Z>.2
management_end_address: <X.Y.Z>.50


where <X.Y.Z> are replaced with the correct values for your environment.