Internal Management Network OverviewΒΆ

The internal management network must be implemented as a single, dedicated, Layer 2 broadcast domain for the exclusive use of each StarlingX cluster. Sharing of this network by more than one StarlingX cluster is not supported.


This network is not used with StarlingX Simplex systems.

During the StarlingX software installation process, several network services such as BOOTP, DHCP, and PXE, are expected to run over the internal management network. These services are used to bring up the different hosts to an operational state. It is therefore mandatory that this network be operational and available in advance, to ensure a successful installation.

On each host, the internal management network can be implemented using a 1 Gb or 10 Gb Ethernet port. Requirements for this port are that:

  • It must be capable of PXE-booting.

  • It can be used by the motherboard as a primary boot device.


If required, the internal management network can be configured as a VLAN-tagged network. In this case, a separate IPv4 PXE boot network must be implemented as the untagged network on the same physical interface. This configuration must also be used if the management network must support IPv6.