Ports Tab

The Ports tab on the Host Detail page presents information about the physical ports on a host.


Currently none of the port attributes is configurable; they are all read directly from the hardware. Port information is presented in several columns, as follows:


The name of the physical port, as identified by the host’s Linux kernel.

MAC Address

The port’s unique MAC address.

PCI Address

The port’s unique address on the PCI bus. Together with the MAC address, this field can be used to uniquely identify a port on the host’s hardware platform.


The processor node that the port’s I/O controller is connected to.

Auto Negotiation

The status of the Ethernet auto-negotiation flag. Currently, auto-negotiation is always enabled.

Boot Interface

The boot flag, whether or not PXE booting is enabled.

Device Type

Hardware information about the port type, manufacturer, and model.