Interfaces TabΒΆ

The Interfaces tab on the Host Detail page presents details about the logical L2 network interfaces on a node.

The following example is for an unlocked controller node:


On a configured worker node, the Interfaces tab may include additional logical interfaces, for example, if the cluster host network is internal and additional ports are configured for connecting to external networks.


When running the StarlingX OpenStack application, you can optimize vSwitch processing of packets to and from physical ports for data interfaces by using only ports that are connected to processors with vSwitch cores attached to data networks.

Information about interfaces is presented in several columns, as follows:


The name given to the logical L2 interface.

Interface Class

The class of the interface. The interface class that the logical network interface is connected to. The valid classes are, platform, data, pci-sriov, and pci-passthrough.

  • platform, can be mgmt, cluster-host, oam, pxeboot, or storage.

    • mgmt, for the internal management network

    • cluster-host, for the Kubernetes cluster network

    • oam, for the OAM network

    • pxeboot, for the pxeboot platform network

    • storage, for the optional Netapp Plugin

  • data, for a worker node data interface

  • pci-sriov, for a PCI SR-IOV interface

  • pci-passthrough, for a PCI passthrough interface

  • pci-passthrough, pci-sriov, for an interface that can be used in either configuration (dual use)


Ethernet, or aggregated Ethernet (LAG).

Vlan ID

If the network uses a shared interface, the VLAN ID of the network is listed in the Interface Class column.


The physical ports on top of which the logical interface is built. Multiple ports are displayed when the logical interface uses LAG.


If the network uses a shared interface, the interface used by the network is listed in the Interface Class column. The VLAN ID of the network is shown in the Vlan ID field.

Used By

The networks that share the interface using VLAN tagging, if the interface is shared.

Data Networks

This option is relevant for the StarlingX OpenStack application only, and specifically for the openstack-compute labeled worker nodes only, and for interfaces of the data interface class. It lists the data networks associated with the data interface.


Details including the current MTU size for the interface and whether the interface is DPDK-accelerated.


On a locked node, you can modify a logical interface, and execute management operations on it. This is implemented using the Edit Interface and More buttons. These buttons are not available when the node is unlocked.