House Rules

This is the recorded list of operating policy of the TSC for things not documented elsewhere.

Specs Approval

Spec approval requires a simple majority of the current TSC membership. If after two days of reaching majority if no negative votes are cast the review may be merged.

Governance Changes

The Technical Steering Committe Charter requires a super-majority approval (2/3) of the current membership to change the governance charter or operating policy. These are specific exceptions to that rule to simplify the maintenance of the stx-governance repository.

Typo Fixes

When the change fixes content that is obviously wrong (updates an email address, fixes a typo…) they may be approved after receiving a positive vote from any TSC member.

Code Changes

The stx-governance repository contains code used in the generation of the published documentation. We will apply our normal review rules. Due to the differences in Gerrit configuration for this repository we will consider RollCall +1 votes as the +2 to let Code Review +1 continue to have its usual meaning.

Change Correction

If any TSC member disagrees with a change merged under these rules they can propose a revert of that change. The revert can be approved under the same rules used in the original change. The topic then should be discussed during a TSC meeting, on the mailing list or in a new review proposed with the change.