Known Kata Container Limitations


Kata Containers will not be supported in StarlingX r9.0.

This section describes the known limitations when using Kata containers.

SR-IOV Support

A minimal kernel and rootfs for Kata containers are shipped with StarlingX, and are present at /usr/share/kata-containers/. To enable certain kernel features such as IOMMU, and desired network kernel modules, a custom kernel image, and rootfs has to be built. For more information, see

CPU Manager Support

Kata containers currently occupy only the platform cores. There is no CPU manager support.


  • Similar to the SR-IOV limitation, hugepage support must be configured in a custom Kata kernel.

  • The size and number of hugepages must be written using the io.katacontainers.config.hypervisor.kernel_params annotation.

  • Creating a hugetlbfs mount for hugepages in the Kata container is specific to the end user application.