Delete Image Tags in the Docker Registry

When deleting image tags in the registry.local docker registry, you should be aware that the deletion of an <image-name><tag-name> will delete all tags under the specified <image-name> that have the same ‘digest’ as the specified <image-name:tag-name>.

The docker registry API v2 does not support deleting specific tags. See, .

For example:

jsmith/sampleimage-test:v1.0 jsmith/sampleimage-test:v1.1 jsmith/sampleimage-production:v1.0

If the above three image tags share the same digest in registry.local, then, if ‘jsmith/sampleimage-test:v1.1’ is deleted, then ALL other tags under ‘jsmith/sampleimage-test’ that have the SAME digest (as jsmith/sampleimage-test:v1.1) are deleted. That is, both ‘jsmith/sampleimage-test:v1.0’ and ‘jsmith/sampleimage-test:v1.1’ will be deleted, while ‘jsmith/sampleimage-production:v1.0’ with the same digest but different <image-name> will not be deleted.