Access the Kubernetes DashboardΒΆ

You can optionally use the Kubernetes Dashboard web interface to manage your hosted containerized applications.


  1. Access the dashboard at https://<oam-floating-ip-address OR fqdn>: <kube-dashboard-port>

    where <kube-dashboard-port> is the port that the dashboard was installed on. Contact your StarlingX administrator for this information.

    Depending on the certificate used by your StarlingX administrator for installing the Kubernetes Dashboard, you may need to install a new Trusted Root CA or acknowledge an insecure connection in your browser.

  2. Select the kubeconfig option for signing in to the Kubernetes Dashboard.


    Your kubeconfig file containing credentials specified by your StarlingX administrator (see Installing kubectl and Helm Clients Directly on a Host) is typically located at $HOME/.kube/config .

    You are presented with the Kubernetes Dashboard for the current context (cluster, user and credentials) specified in the kubeconfig file.