Manual Upgrade OverviewΒΆ

StarlingX enables you to upgrade the software across your Simplex, Duplex, Standard, Distributed Cloud, and subcloud deployments.


Upgrading Distributed Cloud is distinct from upgrading other StarlingX configurations.

An upgrade can be performed manually or using the Upgrade Orchestrator, which automates a rolling install of an update across all of the StarlingX hosts. This section describes the manual upgrade procedures.

Before starting the upgrade process, ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The system is patch current.

  • There are no management-affecting alarms and the system health-query-upgrade check passes.

  • The new software load has been imported.

  • A valid license file has been installed.

The upgrade procedure is different for the All-in-One Simplex configuration versus the All-in-One Duplex, and Standard configurations. For more information, see: