In-Service Versus Reboot-Required Software UpdatesΒΆ

In-Service (Reboot-not-Required) and a Reboot-Required software updates are available depending on the nature of the update to be performed.

In-Service software updates provide a mechanism to issue updates that do not require a reboot, allowing the update to be installed on in-service nodes and restarting affected processes as needed.

Depending on the area of software being updated and the type of software change, installation of the update may or may not require the StarlingX hosts to be rebooted. For example, a software update to the kernel would require the host to be rebooted in order to apply the update. Software updates are classified as reboot-required or reboot-not-required (also referred to as in-service) type updates to indicate this. For reboot-required updates, the hosted application pods are automatically relocated to an alternate host as part of the update procedure, prior to applying the update and rebooting the host.