Default Behavior of the CephFS Provisioner

The default Ceph Cluster configuration set up during StarlingX installation contains a single storage tier, storage, containing all the OSDs.

The default CephFS provisioner service runs within the kube-system namespace and has a single storage class, ‘cephfs’, which is configured to:

  • use the default ‘storage’ Ceph storage tier

  • use a kube-cephfs-data and kube-cephfs-metadata Ceph pool, and

  • only support PVC requests from the following namespaces: kube-system, default and kube-public.

The full details of the cephfs-provisioner configuration can be viewed using the following commands:

~(keystone_admin)]$ system helm-override-list platform-integ-apps

The following command provides the chart names and the overrides namespaces.

~(keystone_admin)]$ system helm-override-show platform-integ-apps cephfs-provisioner kube-system

See Create ReadWriteMany Persistent Volume Claims and Mount ReadWriteMany Persistent Volumes in Containers for an example of how to create and mount a ReadWriteMany PVC from the cephfs storage class.