Add a Physical VolumeΒΆ

You can add a physical volume using the system host-pv-add command.


  • You must lock a host before you can modify its settings.

    ~(keystone_admin)$ system host-lock <hostname>
  • A suitable local volume group must exist on the host. For more information, see Work with Physical Volumes.

  • An unused disk or partition must be available on the host. For more information about partitions, see Work with Disk Partitions.

About this task

The command syntax is:

system host-pv-add <hostname> <groupname> <uuid>



is the host name or ID.


is the name of the local volume group to include the physical volume.


is the identifier of the disk or partition to use.

You can specify the device node or the device path.

On a compute host with a single disk, you must assign a partition on the root disk for nova-local storage. This is required to support some small nova-local files. The host must not be used for VM local ephemeral storage.

On a compute host with more than one disk, it is possible to create a partition on the root disk for use as nova-local storage. However, for performance reasons, you must either use a non-root disk for nova-local storage, or ensure that the host is not used for VMs with ephemeral local storage.

For example, to add a volume with the UUID 67b368ab-626a-4168-9b2a-d1d239d4f3b0 to compute-1, use the following command.

~(keystone_admin)$ system host-pv-add compute-1 nova-local 67b368ab-626a-4168-9b2a-d1d239d4f3b0
| Property                 | Value                                            |
| uuid                     | 1145ac0b-5be1-416c-a080-581fa95fce77             |
| pv_state                 | adding                                           |
| pv_type                  | partition                                        |
| disk_or_part_uuid        | 67b368ab-626a-4168-9b2a-d1d239d4f3b0             |
| disk_or_part_device_node | /dev/sdb5                                        |
| disk_or_part_device_path | /dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000:00:0d.0-ata-2.0-part5 |
| lvm_pv_name              | /dev/sdb5                                        |
| lvm_vg_name              | nova-local                                       |
| lvm_pv_uuid              | None                                             |
| lvm_pv_size              | 0                                                |
| lvm_pe_total             | 0                                                |
| lvm_pe_alloced           | 0                                                |
| ihost_uuid               | 3b315241-d54f-499b-8566-a6ed7d2d6b39             |
| created_at               | 2017-09-08T21:14:00.217360+00:00                 |
| updated_at               | None                                             |