Create LDAP Linux Groups

StarlingX offers LDAP commands to create and manage LDAP Linux groups as part of the ldapscripts library.

About this task


For security reasons, it is recommended that ONLY admin level users be allowed to SSH to the nodes of the StarlingX. Non-admin level users should strictly use remote CLIs or remote web GUIs.

The main commands that manage LDAP Linux groups are: ldapaddgroup , ldapaddusertogroup, ldapdeletegroup, ldapdeleteuserfromgroup.

To list all the commands in the ldapscripts library, the following command can be used:

sysadmin@controller-0:~$ ls /usr/sbin/ldap*
/usr/sbin/ldapaddgroup             /usr/sbin/ldapid
/usr/sbin/ldapaddmachine           /usr/sbin/ldapinit
/usr/sbin/ldapaddsudo              /usr/sbin/ldapmodifygroup
/usr/sbin/ldapadduser              /usr/sbin/ldapmodifymachine
/usr/sbin/ldapaddusertogroup       /usr/sbin/ldapmodifysudo
/usr/sbin/ldapdeletegroup          /usr/sbin/ldapmodifyuser
/usr/sbin/ldapdeletemachine        /usr/sbin/ldaprenamegroup
/usr/sbin/ldapdeletesudo           /usr/sbin/ldaprenamemachine
/usr/sbin/ldapdeleteuser           /usr/sbin/ldaprenameuser
/usr/sbin/ldapdeleteuserfromgroup  /usr/sbin/ldapsetpasswd
/usr/sbin/ldapfinger               /usr/sbin/ldapsetprimarygroup
/usr/sbin/ldapgid                  /usr/sbin/ldapusersetup

The LDAP commands usage information can be found from man pages or using the “–help” option. For example, this is the usage information for creating or adding a LDAP Linux group.

sysadmin@controller-0:~$ ldapaddgroup --help
Usage : /usr/sbin/ldapaddgroup <groupname> [gid]

sysadmin@controller-0:~$ man ldapaddgroup
ldapaddgroup(1)             General Commands Manual
       ldapaddgroup - adds a POSIX group entry to LDAP.

       ldapaddgroup <groupname> [gid]

              The name of the group to add.
       [gid]  The gid of the group to add. Automatically computed if
       not specified.

LDAP Linux group command examples:

Create a group

$ sudo ldapaddgroup group-test
Successfully added group group-test to LDAP

Add a user to the group

$ sudo ldapaddusertogroup user-test group-test
Successfully added user user-test to group cn=group-test,ou=Group,

Delete a user membership from the group

sysadmin@controller-0:~$ ldapdeleteuserfromgroup --help
Usage : /usr/sbin/ldapdeleteuserfromgroup <username | dn> <groupname | gid>
$ sudo ldapdeleteuserfromgroup user-test group-test
Successfully deleted user user-test from group cn=group-test,ou=Group,

Delete a group

sysadmin@controller-0:~$ ldapdeletegroup --help
Usage : /usr/sbin/ldapdeletegroup <groupname | gid>
$ sudo ldapdeletegroup group-test
Successfully deleted group cn=group-test,ou=Group,dc=cgcs,dc=local
from LDAP

After the execution of a LDAP Linux group command, the command prompt is displayed.

controller-0: ~$