Current Series Release Notes

Current Series Release Notes



The StarlingX Fault project is a new repository that provides Alarm and Log Reporting Services for other StarlingX Components.

New Features

  • Framework for infrastructure services through a client API to do the following:
    • Set, clear, and query customer alarms.
    • Generate customer logs for significant events.
  • Framework to maintain an Active Alarm List.
  • Active Alarm Counts Banner on Horizon GUI.
  • Framework to provide REST API to query alarms and events and also publishes through SNMPv2c Traps.
  • Support for Alarm suppression.
  • Operator Alarms on the following:
    • Platform Nodes and Resources.
    • Hosted Virtual Resources (i.e. VMs, Volumes, and Networks).
  • Operator Logs - Event List:
    • Logging of Set/Clears of Alarms.
    • Related to Platform Nodes and Resources.
    • Related to Hosted Virtual Resources (i.e. VMs, Volumes, and Networks).
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