Resynchronize a Host to the NTP Server

If host synchronization is lost for any reason, you must lock and then unlock the host to restore the synchronization safely.

If a large time discrepancy (greater than 1000 seconds, or about 17 minutes) develops between the clock time on a host and the time as reported by an NTP server, the ntpd service on the host stops, and Alarm 200.006 (<hostname> ‘ntpd’ process has failed) is logged in the Alarm Log and the Customer Log. This can occur if the clock on the host is inadvertently set incorrectly, or cannot access the NTP server for the correct time at initialization and defaults to an incorrect time.


  • To recover, lock and then unlock the host.


    Do not attempt to recover by restarting the ntpd service. This can cause problems for other running services.


The time is automatically synchronized to the NTP server when the host is unlocked and alarm 200.006 for this host will be cleared.