Brand the Login Banner on a Commissioned SystemΒΆ

You can customize the pre-login message (issue) and post-login MOTD on an installed and commissioned StarlingX cluster, simplifying propagation of the customized files.

About this task

The following files can be customized to use this feature:


console login banner


ssh login banner


message of the day header


message of the day footer

This file is not present by default. You must first create it to apply your customizations.

issue and are free standing files. /etc/motd is generated from the following sources in the order presented:

  1. /etc/motd.head

  2. /etc/sysinv/motd.system

  3. /etc/platform/motd.license

  4. /etc/motd.tail

Complete the following procedure to customize the login banner on a commissioned system:


  1. Log in to the active controller.

  2. Switch to root user.

    $ sudo bash
  3. Provide any of the customized banner files in a directory of your choosing. This example uses /opt/banner:

    • /opt/banner/issue

    • /opt/banner/

    • /opt/banner/motd.head

    • /opt/banner/motd.tail

    See the issue and motd man pages for details on file syntax.

  4. Apply the customization using apply_banner_customization.

    # apply_banner_customization <pathToModifiedFiles>

    For example:

    # apply_banner_customization /opt/banner

    The default path, if no parameter is specified, is the current working directory.

    The banners are applied to the configuration and installed on the current node, active controller.

  5. Lock and unlock other nodes in the cluster, either from the CLI or the GUI, to install the customization on each node.

    For example:

    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system host-lock worker-0
    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system host-unlock worker-0


All subsequently added nodes will automatically inherit the banner customizations.