Configure cert-manager at BootstrapΒΆ

Both nginx-ingress-controller and cert-manager are packaged as StarlingX system applications. They are uploaded and applied, by default at bootstrap time with defaults appropriate to most use cases, but their configuration can be modified at bootstrap.

To override the default configuration add an applications section in $HOME/localhost.yml, as shown below:

  - usr/local/share/applications/helm/nginx-ingress-controller-{version}.tgz:
        - chart: appOne-ChartOne
          namespace: kube-system
          values-path: /home/sysinv/appOne-ChartOne-overrides.yaml
        - chart: appOne-ChartTwo
          namespace: kube-system
          values-path: /home/sysinv/appOne-ChartTwo-overrides.yaml
  - /usr/local/share/applications/helm/cert-manager-{version}.tgz:
        - chart: appTwo-ChartOne
          namespace: kube-system
          values-path: /home/sysinv/appTwo-ChartOne-overrides.yaml


Semantically, nginx-ingress-controller and cert-manager are mandatory and must be in this order, otherwise bootstrap fails.

At a high-level, the default configuration for the two mandatory applications is:

  • nginx-ingress-controller

    • Runs as a DaemonSet only on controllers.

    • Uses host networking, which means it can use any port numbers.

    • Does not change the nginx default ports of 80 and 443.

    • Has a default backend.

  • cert-manager

    • Runs as a Deployment only on controllers.

    • Runs with a podAntiAffinity rule to prevent multiple pods of deployment from running on the same node.

    • The deployment replicaCount is set to 1 for bootstrap.


replicaCount can NOT be changed at bootstrap time. The second controller must be configured and unlocked before replicaCount can be set to 2.

The Helm Chart Values that you can override are described on the following web pages: