Configure HTTP and HTTPS Ports for Horizon Using the CLIΒΆ

You can configure the HTTP / HTTPS ports for accessing the Horizon Web interface using the CLI.

To access Horizon, use http://<external OAM IP>:8080. By default, the ports are HTTP=8080, and HTTPS=8443.


You can configure HTTP / HTTPS ports only when all hosts are unlocked and enabled.

About this task

Use the system service-parameter-list --service=http command to list the configured HTTP, and HTTPS ports.

~(keystone_admin)]$ system service-parameter-list --service http
| uuid    | service  | section | name       | value |personality |Resource|
| 4fc7... | http     | config  | http_port  | 8080  | None       |None    |
| 9618... | http     | config  | https_port | 8443  | None       |None    |


  1. Use the system service-parameter-modify command to configure a different port for HTTP, and HTTPS. For example,

    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system service-parameter-modify http config http_port=8090
    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system service-parameter-modify http config https_port=9443
  2. Apply the service parameter change.

    ~(keystone_admin)]$ system service-parameter-apply http
    Applying http service parameters


    Do not use ports used by other services on the platform, OAM and management interfaces on the controllers, or in custom applications. For more information, see, StarlingX Security: Default Firewall Rules.

    If you plan to run StarlingX OpenStack, do not reset the ports to 80/443, as these ports may be used by containerized OpenStack, by default.


A configuration out-of-date alarm is generated for each host. Wait for the configuration to be automatically applied to all nodes and the alarms to be cleared on all hosts before performing maintenance operations, such as rebooting or locking/unlocking a host.