OpenStack Verified Commercial HardwareΒΆ

Verified and approved hardware components for use with StarlingX OpenStack are listed here.

For more information see Self-Validated and Certified Servers.


Approved Hardware

Hardware Platforms

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server - HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server

  • Dell - Dell PowerEdge R720

Supported Reference Platforms

  • Intel Iron Pass

  • Intel Wildcat Pass

NICs Verified for PXE Boot, Management, and OAM Networks

  • Intel I350 (Powerville) 1G

  • Intel 82599 (Niantic) 10G

  • Intel X540 10G

  • Intel X710/XL710 (Fortville) 10G

  • Broadcom BCM5719 1G

  • Broadcom BCM5720 1G

  • Broadcom BCM57810 10G

NICs Verified for Data Interfaces

The following NICs are supported:

  • Intel 82599 (Niantic) 10G

  • Intel X710/XL710 (Fortville) 10 G

  • Mellanox Technologies

    • MT27710 Family (ConnectX-4) 10G/25G

    • MT27700 Family (ConnectX-4) 40G

PCI passthrough or PCI SR-IOV NICs

  • Intel 82599 (Niantic) 10 G

  • Intel X710/XL710 (Fortville) 10G


The maximum number of VFs per hosted application instance, across all PCI devices, is 32.

For example, a hardware encryption hosted application can be launched with virtio interfaces and 32 QAT VFs. However, a hardware encryption hosted application with an SR-IOV network interface (with 1 VF) can only be launched with 31 VFs.


Dual-use configuration (PCI passthrough or PCI SR-IOV on the same interface) is supported for Fortville NICs only.