Add Compute Nodes to an Existing Duplex SystemΒΆ

You can add up to 6 compute nodes to an existing Duplex system by following the standard procedures for adding compute nodes to a system.


Before adding compute nodes to a duplex system, you can either add and provision platform RAM and CPU cores on the controllers or reallocate RAM and CPU cores from the VMs to the platform.

The requirements for each added compute node are as follows:

Compute Nodes


CPU Cores














  1. Provision the resources.

    To allocate resources to the controller, update the controller resource inventory in StarlingX OpenStack. See StarlingX Node Configuration and Management: Memory Tab and Processor Tab.

  2. Add the hosts (compute nodes).

    Add one or more host entries to the system inventory.

For more information on Host memory provisioning, see, StarlingX Node Configuration and Management:

For more information about labeling Compute nodes, see Use Labels to Identify OpenStack Nodes.