Create an Upgrade Orchestration using Horizon


You must have completed the procedure in Distributed Upgrade Orchestration Process using the CLI.


  1. Review the upgrade status for the subclouds.

    After the System Controller upgrade is completed, wait for 10 minutes for the load_sync_status of all subclouds to be updated. To check the subclouds status:

    1. Select the SystemController region.

    2. Select Distributed Cloud Admin > Cloud Overview.

  2. Create the strategy.

    1. Select the SystemController region.

    2. Select Distributed Cloud Admin > Orchestration.

    3. On the Orchestration page, select the Orchestration Strategy tab.

    4. Create the new strategy.

      On the Orchestration Strategy tab, click Create Strategy. In the Create Strategy dialog box, adjust the settings as needed.

      Strategy Type


      Apply to

      Subcloud or Subcloud Group


      Enter the subcloud name

      Subcloud Group

      Enter the subcloud group name only if you select the Apply to: Subcloud Group option.

      Stop on Failure

      Default: True

      Determines whether update orchestration failure for a subcloud prevents application to subsequent subclouds.

      Subcloud Apply Type

      Default: Parallel

      Parallel or Serial. Determines whether the subclouds are updated in parallel or serially.

      Maximum Parallel Subclouds

      Default 20

      If this is not specified using the CLI, the values for max_parallel_subclouds defined for each subcloud group will be used by default.


      Default: False

      Offline subcloud is not skipped. Applicable only when the strategy is created to a single subcloud.


      Create an orchestration strategy

    5. Adjust how the Upgrade on subclouds will be performed.

    6. Save the new strategy.

      Only subclouds in the Managed state and whose patching sync status is out-of-sync are added to the list. To change the Upgrade strategy settings, you must delete the current strategy and create a new one. Confirmation before applying strategy will be needed. If the created strategy is older than 60 minutes, a warning message will be display on this popup. The user can apply the strategy or verify if it is still valid.