Change the Admin Password on Distributed CloudΒΆ

You can change the keystone admin user password across the entire Distributed Cloud system.


Ensure that all subclouds are managed and online.


  1. Change the password.

    1. Do one of the following to change a keystone admin user password on System Controller.

      • In the System Controller context, select Identity > Users. Select Change Password from the Edit menu for the Admin user.

      • From the CLI:

        ~(keystone_admin)]$ openstack --os-region-name SystemController user password set

        Respond to the prompts to complete the process.

    2. Source the script /etc/platform/openrc if you will continue to use the environment from the previous CLI command.

      $ source /etc/platform/openrc


      In a subcloud, if the CLI command returns an authentication error after you source the script /etc/platform/openrc, you can verify the password on the subcloud by using the env | grep OS_PASSWORD command . If it returns the old password, you will need to run the keyring set CGCS admin command and provide the new admin password.