Virtual All-in-one Simplex Installation R7.0


The All-in-one Simplex (AIO-SX) deployment option provides all three cloud functions (controller, worker, and storage) on a single server with the following benefits:

  • Requires only a small amount of cloud processing and storage power

  • Application consolidation using multiple containers or virtual machines on a single pair of physical servers

  • A storage backend solution using a single-node CEPH deployment


If you are behind a corporate firewall or proxy, you need to set proxy settings. Refer to Docker Proxy Configuration for details.

All-in-one Simplex deployment configuration

Figure 1: All-in-one Simplex deployment configuration

An AIO-SX deployment gives no protection against overall server hardware fault. Hardware component protection can be enabled with, for example, a hardware RAID or 2x Port LAG in the deployment.


By default, StarlingX uses IPv4. To use StarlingX with IPv6:

  • The entire infrastructure and cluster configuration must be IPv6, with the exception of the PXE boot network.

  • Not all external servers are reachable via IPv6 addresses (for example Docker registries). Depending on your infrastructure, it may be necessary to deploy a NAT64/DNS64 gateway to translate the IPv4 addresses to IPv6.

  • Refer to StarlingX IPv6 Deployment for details on how to deploy a NAT64/DNS64 gateway to use StarlingX with IPv6.