Worker Function Performance ProfilesΒΆ

StarlingX offers a choice of two performance profiles for worker hosts configurable at the Kubernetes platform level.


This is the default profile, offering an optimal balance between throughput, latency and functionality. The standard profile is suitable for most applications.

Low Latency

This profile is optimized for low-latency performance. Characteristics of a low-latency worker host include:

  • lower throughput for most configurations

  • higher power consumption at low CPU utilization

  • disabled per-CPU scheduler watchdogs. This can result in increased fault detection time for some fault scenarios.

StarlingX recommends the low-latency profile only for applications with stringent latency constraints such as MEC.

You can create a heterogeneous configuration in which standard and low-latency worker hosts are mixed in the same standard deployment. Standard and low-latency worker nodes are identified with node labels. When launching a container, you can choose the required performance profile by specifying the appropriate label in the node-selector.