Remove a Data Network Using the CLIΒΆ

Before you can delete a data network, you must remove any interface associations.

About this task

Complete the following steps to delete a data network.


The following procedure requires that the host be locked.


  1. Remove the data network from the interface.

    1. Identify the interface to be removed from the data network.

      For example:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system interface-datanetwork-list controller-1
      | hostname     | uuid                                 | ifname | datanetwork_name |
      | controller-1 | 212d5afc-e417-49fe-919a-d94e9b46c236 | sriov0 | group0-data0     |
      | controller-1 | 6c2f7066-3889-4291-8928-5fb4b2bccfee | data0  | group0-data0     |
      | controller-1 | c4ac3c62-283e-491f-a08b-2e4a5ece205c | pthru0 | group0-data0     |
    2. Remove the interface from the network.

      For example:

      ~(keystone_admin)$ system interface-datanetwork-remove c4ac3c62-283e-491f-a08b-2e4a5ece205c
      Deleted Interface DataNetwork: c4ac3c62-283e-491f-a08b-2e4a5ece205c
  2. Delete the data network from the system.

    ~[keystone_admin]$ system datanetwork-delete <datanetworkUUID>

    where <datanetworkUUID> is the UUID of the data network.