OpenStack Verified Commercial HardwareΒΆ

Verified and approved hardware components for use with StarlingX OpenStack are listed here.

For more information on the verified and certified hardware components for hardware platforms and server configurations validated for StarlingX OpenStack, please refer to


Approved Hardware

Hardware Platforms

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server - HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server

  • Dell - Dell PowerEdge R720

Supported Reference Platforms

  • Intel Iron Pass

  • Intel Wildcat Pass

NICs Verified for PXE Boot, Management, and OAM Networks

  • Intel I350 (Powerville) 1G

  • Intel 82599 (Niantic) 10G

  • Intel X540 10G

  • Intel X710/XL710 (Fortville) 10G

  • Broadcom BCM5719 1G

  • Broadcom BCM5720 1G

  • Broadcom BCM57810 10G

NICs Verified for Data Interfaces

The following NICs are supported:

  • Intel 82599 (Niantic) 10G

  • Intel X710/XL710 (Fortville) 10 G

  • Mellanox Technologies

    • MT27710 Family (ConnectX-4) 10G/25G

    • MT27700 Family (ConnectX-4) 40G

PCI passthrough or PCI SR-IOV NICs

  • Intel 82599 (Niantic) 10 G

  • Intel X710/XL710 (Fortville) 10G


The maximum number of VFs per hosted application instance, across all PCI devices, is 32.

For example, a hardware encryption hosted application can be launched with virtio interfaces and 32 QAT VFs. However, a hardware encryption hosted application with an SR-IOV network interface (with 1 VF) can only be launched with 31 VFs.


Dual-use configuration (PCI passthrough or PCI SR-IOV on the same interface) is supported for Fortville NICs only.