Networks for a System with Dedicated Storage¶

For a system that uses dedicated storage, StarlingX recommends a full network configuration.

StarlingX systems with dedicated storage include storage hosts to provide Ceph-backed block storage. Network loading is moderate to high, depending on the number of worker hosts, containers, and storage hosts. The following network configuration typically meets the requirements of such a system:

  • An internal management network.

  • A 10GE cluster host network for disk IO traffic to storage nodes and for private container-to-container networking within a cluster, by default consolidated on the management interface.

    The cluster host network can be configured on an interface separate from the internal management interface for external connectivity of container workloads.

  • An OAM network.

  • A cluster host network not used for external connectivity of container workloads. Either the OAM port or other configured ports on the controller and worker nodes would be used for container workloads’ connectivity to external networks.

  • An optional PXE boot network:

    • if the internal management network is required to be on a VLAN-tagged network

    • if the internal management network is shared with other equipment

On moderately loaded systems, the OAM network can be consolidated on the management or infrastructure interfaces.


You can enable secure HTTPS connectivity on the OAM network.