Ethernet Interface Configuration

You can review and modify the configuration for physical or virtual Ethernet interfaces using the Horizon Web interface or the CLI.

Physical Ethernet Interfaces

The Physical Ethernet interfaces on StarlingX nodes are configured to use the following networks:

  • the internal management network, with the cluster host network sharing this interface (default configuration)

  • the external OAM network

  • additional networks for container workload connectivity to external networks

A single interface can be configured to support more than one network using VLAN tagging. See Shared (VLAN or Multi-Netted) Ethernet Interfaces for more information.

On the controller nodes, all Ethernet interfaces are configured when the nodes are initialized based on the information provided in the Ansible Bootstrap Playbook. For more information, see the StarlingX Installation and Deployment Guide. On worker and storage nodes, the Ethernet interface for the internal management networks are configured. The remaining interfaces require manual configuration.


If a network attachment uses LAG, the corresponding interfaces on the storage and worker nodes must be configured manually to specify the interface type.

You can review and modify physical interface configurations from Horizon or the CLI.

You can save the interface configurations for a particular node to use as a profile or template when setting up other nodes.