Hard Drive OptionsΒΆ

For hard drive storage, StarlingX supports high-performance SSD and NVMe drives as well as rotational disks.

To increase system performance, you can use a SSD or a NVMe drive on StarlingX hosts in place of any rotational drive. SSD provides faster read-write access than mechanical drives. NVMe supports the full performance potential of SSD by providing a faster communications bus compared to the SATA or SAS technology used with standard SSDs.

On storage hosts, SSD or NVMe drives are required for journals or Ceph caching.

For NVMe drives, a host with an NVMe-ready BIOS and NVMe connectors or adapters is required.

To use an NVMe drive as a root drive, you must enable UEFI support in the host BIOS. In addition, when installing the host, you must perform extra steps to assign the drive as the boot device.